"How charming Chelsea would try on my expansible present; how she would come back with her new possession on, and kiss me to breast growth!" - talked uncle Boob from California.
Charming Chelsea's and Candy's big breast expansion 3D video.
Animation Model Chelsea with dynamic breast growth created by DAZ 3D and Poser Pro.
Song "Charming Breast Expansiveness" composed by MAGIX Music Maker.
Video created by Pinnacle Studio 17.

Character animation of model Chelsea and Candy (like as well-known 3rd Art, TaylorMadeClips and Bambi Blaze)

Photo Gallery- 3D Huge Breast Expansion screenshots

Chelsea huge breast2017 gets off to a abnormal beginning with the newest video of Magic Glasses, featuring the introduction of yet another strange Huge Breast Expansion 3D that may change the lives of charming Chelsea, Candy and their bosom friends forever!
For all the actresses take part in this videos we made huge breasts and they have always admired them.

Photo gallery from Magic breast expansion 3D video