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These models created in DAZ 3D Studio 4.10 (Genesis), character and avatars tested on:
iClone 3DXchange v6.5 and iClone v6.5, Max RealTime Map 1024x1024;
iClone 3DXchange v7.8 and iClone v7.8, Max RealTime Map 4096x4096;
and iClone Character Creator v3.3.
System Requirements: Video RAM 1Mb and more, RAM 16Gb and more.

Charming Candy black bodystocking

Content archive:

black bodystocking.iavatar- iClone 7.2
black bodystocking.fbx- 3DXchange
3D Candy Charms sample HD video.mp4
black bodystocking.duf- Daz 3D Studio 4.10
black bodystocking.duf.png
FREE license

Charming Candy white bodystocking

Content archive:

white bodystocking.iavatar- iClone 7.8
white bodystocking.fbx- 3DXchange
3D Candy Charms sample HD video.mp4
white bodystocking.duf- Daz 3D Studio 4.10
white bodystocking.duf.png
FREE license

Boobs and ass in latex

Content archive:

ass in latex 7.iavatar- iClone 7.8
ass in latex 6.iavatar- iClone 6.5
boobs in latex.fbx- 3DXchange
boobs and ass in latex.avi- sample HD video
boobs in latex.duf- Daz 3D Studio 4.10 boobs in latex.duf.png
FREE license

Booty drums girl in jeans

Content archive:

booty jeans 7.iavatar- iClone 7.8
booty jeans 6.iavatar- iClone 6.5
booty jeans.mp4- sample HD video
booty jeans CC1- Character Creator 1.5
FREE license

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Photo  Breast Expansion
Photo Gallery- 3D Huge Breast Expansion screenshots
2017 gets off to a abnormal beginning with the newest video of Magic Glasses, featuring the introduction of yet another strange Huge Breast Expansion 3D that may change the lives of charming Chelsea, Candy and their bosom friends forever!
For all the actresses take part in this videos we made huge breasts and they have always admired them.
Photo gallery from Magic breast expansion 3D video
Video breast expansion
Videos- 3D Huge Breast Expansion episodes
Check out our latest 3D breast expansion videos and other animations with busty babes charming Chelsea, Candy and other bosoms models! All BE scenes either animated or morphed for that 'extra' something (and sometimes videos a combo of both).
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