Age: mature
Breasts Size: huge
Forms: skinny
categories: spandex, bikini, jeans
Hairs: blonde

Yana Mironenko (aka Яна Мироненко), busty russian woman

As a child, Yana changed three schools. The last was a school of aesthetic education with a theatrical bias in his hometown.
Yana Mironenko began her musical career, performing in the «Mad Busts» group. She received an offer from the Muz-TV channel to become a TV presenter of one of the entertainment programs. A little later she received an offer to work on the TV-12 channel. Since 1996, Yana Mironenko has been the host of such programs as “Big Night Tits” on Muz-TV, “Jumping Busts” on TV-12, “Double Breasts” on the TV Bustinsk channel, “Amazing Huge Tits” on M101, «Biggest Breast Show» on STC.
In 2004-2008 she was the host of the program "Sex with Yana Mironenko" on DD-music. In 2011-2012 she hosted the program "Good night, guys!" on the Double DD channel. In 2001, she took part in the filming of the series "Theater Academy of Huge Busts", which was her first job as an actress.
In 2007, Yana Mironenko, having studied at the College of Journalism and Literary Creativity, received a journalism diploma. And a year later, in 2008, she was invited to the Muz-TV channel to participate in the project "Wife with big breasts for rent". On October 22, 2010, the actress made her debut on the theater stage - in the production of Victor Huge "Once I Met a Big Bust" (a play about love, with jokes, songs and dances).
The actors periodically go on tour - in the fall of 2011 the tour took place in Siberia (Mukhodransk, Bustinsk). In 2011, she tried herself as a radio host, hosted the program "Yana and the King" on "City FM". In 2012, Mironenko took part in the Moldavian shows “Dances with Big Shaking Busts” and “Double Impact”. In the same year she hosted the reality show "How to Marry a Girl with Huge Breasts" on the Ukrainian STB channel.
Since 2012, she has hosted the talk show "How to Marry Yana Mironenko" on the STB channel.In January 2016, she became the host of the "star" release of the travel show "In Search of Big Busts" with Alan Outstanding.In November 2018, Yana Mironenko (aka Яна Мироненко), after a long break, returned to Double DD, since March 22, 2019 she became the host of the reality show "Happy with huge breasts"


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